Michael T. Nations  LLC  is a small law firm that packs a big punch. Our wide-ranging complex litigation practice serves a diverse client base on the local, national and international levels. From individuals and professionals to Fortune 500 companies, our clients can expect the same breadth of expertise and professional caliber as that of a large law firm while benefiting from the cost-effectiveness and attentive care that only a small firm can offer.  
      The firm takes pride in the characteristics that have set it apart as an effective law firm for over 35 years. One of our many strengths is the judgment and creativity we bring to contested matters. Another is that we strive to resolve lawsuits quickly while maintaining careful consideration of the viability of our clients’ positions and objectives. We are often able to bring a lawsuit to closure by a well-supported dispositive motion, through mediation or arbitration, or by crafting a tailored settlement. For cases that do go to trial, we are experienced courtroom advocates who have handled numerous cases in both state and federal courts.  
      The firm has years of experience in complex civil litigation involving banking, finance, business, insurance, health care, energy, nonprofits and real estate. Our firm has also handled numerous business transactions for clients regarding entity formation, contracts, employee relations, taxation and regulatory compliance.
      In short, we pride ourselves on being counselors and problem solvers who find creative ways to resolve disputes to maximize the benefits to our clients.

We help clients to identify their primary interests,
to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, and to reach acceptable resolutions at a reasonable and
proportionate cost.